The COO asked - is this really how we manage IT?

The COO was upset about an unexpected software audit bill that was negatively impacting the quarter financials. He then used a surprising metaphor that made me realize how things look from his end.  He used an imaginary company in a different industry - a car manufacturing business. What follows is how my client conveyed what the COO said.

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Selecting Face Recognition Technology for Seamless Interactions


In recent years, Face Recognition technology has become more common and familiar through the proliferation of mobile devices and its’ popularization in movies.  Several companies offer variations of the technology and some brand names are either starting to test it or already embed it in their products and services.

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IT Efficiency Management – The Methods of Running IT like a Business

With the competitiveness created by globalization and market deregulation along with the pace of technology change, executives face an increased need to manage IT like a business that is tightly aligned with the rest of the organization.

IT Efficiency Management is concerned with ensuring that IT:

  • Is successful in achieving the goal of optimizing business value through cost rationalization
  • Is efficient and effective in balancing IT services supply and demand
  • Delivers the services that the business needs, as planned, within budget, and that these services deliver the expected ROI.

Our Guiding Princples

Pragmatic Approach

As real world industry specialists, we believe that practical goals can be provided at a lower cost, get achieved faster, and be executed with minimal risk using a pragmatic approach.


 Recognize Business Realities

Customized Rubix 2

There are specific business realities that should always be taken into account. With this in mind, we customize best in class practices and practical solutions to accommodate our client's unique organization.



Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency


We believe in efficiency. For this reason, we don't have a need to recover unnecessary, large firm costs and can stay focused on providing our clients with the benefits of experience, high quality and consistency at competitive rates



A Holistic View of IT within the Enterprise

TMO Partners developed a holistic view of the role and management of centralized IT in the enterprise.

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