For over 25 years, Mr. Vаrdɩ has held leadership positions in management and technology consulting concentrating on project work focused on bridging the gap between executive management and technology while also gaining expertise in Μ&А. As a founding executive of lsοgοn Cοrpοrаtion, Mr. Vаrdɩ successfully advanced the company to position it for acquisition by lBΜ in 2005. Mr. Vаrdɩ holds a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and Industrial Engineering and is a co-author of 10 enterprise software management patents.

Dаvɩd Vаrdɩ is a Managing Partner at TMO Partners, a strategic management consulting firm that assists enterprises in efficiently managing their shared services and technology operations. He is a thought leader in IT Financial Management implementation and the establishment of efficient process and governance models, executive reporting, and management of large scale technology initiatives.